Sunday, 11 May 2014


One clear afternoon, my friends and I decided to catch up. Summer at its peak, we did not want to go out and so we decided to go for a drive along the beach. There we spot a couple sitting under the not very shady place, looking at the sea, sun right on the top their heads, gleaming very happily. I was intrigued by the passion they had for each other. Seriously?! It was the love that offered them shade from the nothing-less-than-burning-hot Sun. I silently smiled to myself telling, their euphoria of love hasn’t faded yet.

This thought made me over think the situation. Clearly love is temporary madness. There is this time in everyone’s life, when the tide of strong desire to fall in love hits us. And, when we think we found the right person, the period of ‘being in love’ starts. Like I previously said, love is temporary madness. The feelings raise sky high, the willingness to do nice things manifolds. We long to be in the other one’s company. We laugh heartily at each other’s joke. We blush when he/she compliments. We unintentionally start doing things that might impress and seek his/her attention. We start to believe in his/her views and beliefs more than our own selves. We think they are always right. All this happens only till the euphoria of love lasts. There is this thing which everything devours. Yes, Time it is. A little over little time, the euphoria fades. Everything appears normal. This can technically be termed as ‘the end of being in love’.
It generally goes this way. When being in love burns away, boys see girls nagging for every little thing and girls don’t really get the attention that they used to. Take a tip guys: Women generally turn into the nagging kind only when they are left unappreciated. And ladies: Insanity is not just permitted, but also expected only when we were kids. So how do we handle this after “being-in-love” scenario? Where does love come at all? It is not about texts or calls or surprises or romancing or making love. These fall into the acts of love. Love is not about eternal promises that we carry to our grave. Love is the decision that you try to take when being in love burns away. Love is just that which remains after all this. From there, it is in our own hands to try and work out if the roots of what we grew all this time has entwined, that it becomes inconceivable to part. Life becomes beautiful when we take the extra measure to reach that one extra mile.
Well, did I not start telling you about how my afternoon happened?! Oh man, I must have wandered off the point.